These terms and conditions of sale do not affect the statutory rights of the customer.

  1. In these conditions of sale Outwood Interiors will be referred to as the “company”.
  2. All quotations and delivery estimates are given and orders accepted in good faith based on materials and labour availability. In the event of labour or supplies been adversely affected by strikes, lockouts or any other disruptions or contingencies beyond the company’s control, the company shall not be held responsible for delays, breaches of contract or other loss or liability incurred by the customer through delay or non-delivery.
  3. {1} This contract is accepted by the company subject to its approval of a final survey by the company’s technical surveyor which will be carried out during daylight hours. When the final survey has been carried out the company unconditionally reserves the right to cancel whereupon deposits will be returned. {2} Unless this contract is cancelled in accordance with clause {1} it is legally binding upon the customer.
  1. Orders are accepted on the basis that these conditions of sale will apply to the exclusion of any conditions printed on the customer’s stationary. Orders given verbally must be confirmed in writing otherwise the company accepts no responsibility for errors in interpretation or delay in proceeding with the order.
  2. The company will not accept any variations or alterations to the contract unless confirmed in writing to the company and any such variation may result in extra charges being made by the company. All goods ordered under this contract are purpose-made specifically for the customer’s particular requirements and as such shall not be re-sold to third parties.
  3. The customer will provide reasonable access to enable installation. If within 14 days of such advice an appointment for reasonable access has not been fixed the balance of the purchase price will become due and payable immediately.
  4. Demonstration of any products used to show the workings of a typical product and its composition. The products detailed in the schedule overleaf will be manufactured and installed by the company in a manner and using materials considered suitable and pursuant to the company’s policy of continuous improvements to its products, it reserves the right to make any necessary modifications in design specification or composition.
  5. The company further reserves the right to make any modification in design, specifications or installation to existing products which may be considered necessary or desirable following an inspection by one of its employees. Such modification (and charge, if any) therefore shall be made at the absolute discretion of the company pursuant to its after-sales service and shall in no way be agreed with the customer in advance of any work being undertaken.
  6. The company guarantees for a period of one year following the date of installation to replace or repair free of charge any product which proves defective due to faulty workmanship. The guarantee does not cover accidental damage nor damage resulting from failure to follow the maintenance instructions which are provided to the customer on installation. The guarantee will be immediately invalid should anyone other than the company’s approved representative carry out work on the installation other than work as described as routine maintenance. A call-out charge will be made for all service calls not covered by the warranty and any further work will be charged at the prevailing rates communicated to the customer prior to the work commencing.
  7. The company cannot be held responsible for any leaks, burst pipes or faulty fittings on existing or disturbed pipes that have not been replaced. Any problems arising from such issues would be charged accordingly and agreed on prior to the work commencing.
  8. All reasonable care will be taken but the company shall not be under any responsibility for damage to the interior and exterior decoration caused by the installation. Neither will the company be held responsible for refitting blinds, curtain rails, etc.
  9. The purchaser has the right to cancel the agreement with Outwood Interiors by written notice within the period of seven days following the date of the contract by recorded delivery. This should include the purchaser’s name and address. All deposits are returned at the company’s discretion.
  10. All payments made prior to the completion of the installation is by the way of a deposit and that in circumstance where the customer does not proceed with the contract such payments will only be refunded at the discretion of the company.
  11. Full settlement is due to the company on installation. Failure to settle will result in interest being charged at 2.5% per month. All goods remain the property of the company until paid in full by the customer..
  12. The entire terms and conditions of contract are contained in this document and no oral or written representation shall bind the company unless confirmed in writing and signed by a director of the company.