Outwood Interiors Terms & Conditions

General Provisions

Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.

In this document, Outwood Interiors is referred to as the “company”.

Quotations, Deliveries, and Contingencies

Quotations and delivery estimates are given in good faith, assuming material and labour availability.

We are not responsible for delays or breaches due to unforeseen events like strikes, lockouts, or supply chain disruptions.

Contractual Agreements

Final Survey and Approval:

Every contract is subject to a final survey by our technical surveyor.

Surveys are conducted during daylight hours.

We reserve the right to cancel the contract post-survey. Deposits will be refunded in such cases.

Binding Agreement:

If not cancelled as per clause 1, the contract is binding on the customer.

Customer’s Conditions & Verbal Orders:

Our conditions prevail over any of the customer’s stationery.

Verbal orders need written confirmation to avoid interpretation errors and delays.

Contract Alterations:

Any changes must be confirmed in writing.

Changes might incur additional charges.

Goods made for specific customer requirements must not be resold to third parties.

Installation & Product Demonstrations

Customers must provide reasonable access for installation.

Any products demonstrated are typical examples. Actual products may have necessary modifications in design, specifications, or composition as we continuously improve.

We can modify existing products after inspection by our representatives. Customers will not be consulted prior to these modifications.

Warranties & Guarantees

A one-year guarantee is provided post-installation against faulty workmanship.

Excludes accidental damage or damages due to neglected maintenance.

The warranty is void if any unauthorised personnel alter the installation.

Call out charges apply for issues not covered by the warranty.


We’re not liable for leaks, burst pipes, or defects on existing or disturbed pipes we haven’t replaced.

All care is taken, but we’re not responsible for damages to interior/exterior decoration during installation.

We don’t re-fit blinds, curtain rails, etc., post-installation.

Payments & Cancellations

Customers can cancel within seven days of the contract date via recorded delivery. Include name and address in the notice.

Deposit refunds are at our discretion.

All pre-completion payments are considered deposits.

If a customer doesn’t proceed, refunds are discretionary.

Full settlement is due upon installation.

Late payments incur a 2.5% monthly interest.

Goods remain our property until fully paid.

Overall Agreement

These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement.

No oral/written representation is valid unless signed by a company director.

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